Alcohol Based Wood Stain Instructions
How to easily and efficiently stain natural wood ina variety of shades.
1. Heat aprox. 1/2 liter of 96% alcohol. This should ONLY be done in a double-boiler. The alcohol must NOT be directly heated! Pour the alcohol into a glass container.
2. Dissolve the stain in the container which you have put the alcohol. Stir until completely dissolved.
3. By using different amounts of alcohol and stain, it is possible to obtain various shades of darkness. It is also possible to mix different shades of stain.
4. Coat the surface of the wood evenly and carefully with a sponge, smooth rag or paint brush which does not shed bristles.
5. Leave the stain to dry 24 hours. Then coat the wood with lacquer or French polish.


Due to the large variety of wood types, along with individual absorption and drying times, Sahar-Srebrnik/Pigmentim and the manufacturer cannot take responsibility for the final outcome of the shade after staining.