Water Based Wood Stain Instructions
How to easily and efficiently stain natural wood in a variety of shades.
1. In order to ensure a smooth finished product and to prevent splintering during the work, wet the wood with a sponge or rag.
2. After the wood has completely dried, sand the wood with fine sandpaper.
3. Boil aprox. 1/2 liter of water in an enamel or glass container (NOT metal.) Dissolve the color stain in the water while stirring. When completely dissolved, let cool. By using different amounts of water and stain it is possible to obtain various shades.
4. Coat the surface of the wood evenly and carefully with a sponge, smooth rag or paintbrush which does not shed bristles.
5. Leave the stain to dry 24 hours. Then coat the wood with lacquer or French polish.

DISCLAIMER: Due to a large variety of wood types, along with various shades, drying time and absorption rates, Sahar - Srebrnik/Pigmentim and the manufacturer can not take responsibility for the final outcome of the shade after staining.