Instructions for Dying Fabric
How to easily and efficiently dye non-synthetic fabric in a variety of colors.
1. Make sure the items to be dyed are stain free.
2. Wash items to be dyed well and leave them wet.
3. Use a pot big enough to hold the fabric. There should be enough room to allow proper stirring. Note that it may not be possible to completely clean the container of stain after usage!
4. Boil 20 cups (5 liters) of water.
5. Dissolve the dye with 1 heaping tablespoon of salt. Stir well. Add 3 additional liters of cold water.
6. Put the items to be dyed into the solution and boil them for an hour. Stir often, making sure of proper coverage. If necessary, add more water as needed during the boiling phase.
7. Cool the items well.
8. Rinse the items well under the tap until the water runs clear.