IN 2007 we will celebrate 80 years of business 

about Us

@alt@ Pigmentim is a subsidiary of the family owned and operated chemical company, Sahar S. Srebrnik & Son.

Originally founded in the 1800's in Poland, the knowledge of paints, chemicals and pigments was handed down from father to son. The Israeli branch was created by the current owner's grandfather, Shmuel Srebrnik in 1927. The store which he opened at 43 Tel Aviv-Jaffa Road still functions as company headquarters. This area of south Tel Aviv has commercial and historical significance as the seat of the founding residents.

After World War II., Shmuel's son, Shimon, joined his father in Israel. He brought with him a wide knowledge of European usage for pigments, paints, resins and bronze powders. Throughout the 50's, 60's and 70's, the company continued to grow and established close ties with leading European and Israeli factories.
Following family tradition, Moshe began working with his father in 1976. With his background in economics, he modernized certain aspects of the business and strengthened importation, supplying pigments to the building industry. Despite the emergence of large, western chain hardware stores during the 80's and 90's, Sahar continued to thrive due to product quality and exclusivity, knowledge and experience. The company's reputation for an absolute dedication to service is a main reason for customer loyalty.

A new line, called Pigmentim (plural for pigments, in Hebrew) is a recent addition to Sahar. It was established by Moshe to meet the specific needs of artists and craftsmen. Selling products by internet allows domestic and international customers convenient one stop shopping